About Me

My name is Evonne Key. I have been a licensed insurance agent for 20 years, selling life, health, and casualty insurance. I love helping people find the right financial product that they needed for their families. As I enjoyed being an insurance agent assisting people, I also became an advocate for alternative herbal medicine.

I suffered from arthritis for many years, seen many physicians, and heard many opinions. All of the prescribed medications were a short-term solution and came with so many side effects that the “benefits” of the medication would be canceled out.

Over the years, I have been exploring the benefits of using traditional herbs that have been in home remedies for hundreds of years, combining and testing different products and recipes to find a way to soothe an everlasting pain. With trial and error, I have created ‘Evr Better products using the same ingredients that have brought my family and me relief from arthritis, sore muscles, inflammation, indigestion, and more.